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WWW Policies

The Computer Science Department at the University of Regina makes this WWW server available to students and faculty of the CS Department, but does not necessarily endorse any of the items published through this service.

The CS Department reserves the right to refuse to serve the documents of any user or group making inappropriate or unreasonable use of the CS Department's WWW server. The appropriateness of use will be ultimately be determined by the CS Department head.

Some inappropriate uses of the CS Department's WWW Server and equipment are:

  • providing copyrighted materials without authorization
  • providing obscene or offensive materials
  • providing any materials for personal commercial gain
  • being compensated for providing materials for any party not entitled to utilize the CS Department's resources
  • providing materials of a nature or volume which compromises the ability or performance of the CS Department's machines or network
  • Users notified of inappropriate usage who fail to correct the situation can lose their web service, potentially all computing privileges and may face academic disciplinary action.

The various machines in the CS Department's are primarily intended to provide the needed infrastructure for teaching and research. To meet this goal the usage of the facilities is prioritized as follows:

  • all educational, research oriented or administrative uses of the systems
  • other uses indirectly related to the CS Department's educational, research or administrative activities which benefit those activities such as personal communication (email)
  • any activity which benefits the University at large or the local community
  • recreational or entertainment use of the CS Department's facilities may be acceptable use, especially if there is an implicit or explicit attempt to provide educational material in a game format, for example.

Activities which are forbidden on CS Department equipment include:

  • selling access to CS Department resources
  • commercial activities involving CS Department resources
  • intentionally interfering with the operation of CS Department systems
  • interfering with or harassing other users
  • impersonation of another user
  • chain mail, spam, or other junk e-mail
  • violating any U of R, civic, provincial or national regulation or law.

The CS Department's WWW service is not actively monitored for content, however, so please send reports of inappropriate use to:
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