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How to Forward Your CS Email

Faculty members, laboratory instructors, staff and graduate students are given accounts on venus.

The Department of Computer Science (CS) e-mail system provides quick and easy communication with the students, faculty and staff of Computer Science. The accounts in this e-mail system are known as There is a "grads" distribution list within the mail system to allow faculty and staff to quickly send e-mail messages to all grad students.

It is necessary that you read your CS e-mail regularly since important mesages, including deadlines for funding support applications, are only distributed by CS e-mail. You will be placed on this list when you are given your computer account. You can forward these messages by placing a file called .forward in the main directory of your account. The only content of the file is the name of the email account that you want to forward your email to. It is strongly recommended that you only forward your email to your email account. If you have any questions or problems with this, please refer to Resources / Trouble? Reporting a Problem.

If wish to forward your email messages to multiple email addresses, you can do so. Simply place the email addresses, separated by commas or new lines together in the file called .forward in your main directory on venus. The .forward file can also contain comments. A comment begins with an octothorpe (#) and continues to the end of the line.

Some warnings concerning forwarding CS email:

Having a .forward does not 100% guarantee that email will not be delivered to your CS INBOX. On rare occasions your CS home directory may not be accessible to the mail server for a short period of time. If an email for you arrives during one of these times, it will not be forwarded but will be delivered to your CS inbox. Thus, it may be worthwhile to check CS email from time to time.

Unfortunately, using a .forward file means that no spam filtering is performed on your email messages. If you read your email directly on venus or via CS webmail (see Secure Services / Webmail), you can set spam filters (see Secure Services / Spam Filter).

Forwarding to some ISPs may cause your mail to be lost, because some of them will not accept e-mail messages that are not addressed to the e-mail address to which it is forwarded.

Based on the above concerns, if you decide to forward your email, it is strongly suggested that you forward it to to another on-campus address, such as your email account.

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