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To Login To Hercules

Double-click the PuTTY icon on the Windows desktop in any CS lab or in Start | Programs | putty in other campus labs, select from saved sessions and click Open. Then enter your userid and password when you are requested to do so. To access hercules from home follow the instruction in the PuTTY Settings Guide.

  • This account is provided in order to allow you to complete work related to a class or research. Computer Science machines are not provided for personal use.

  • There are disk quotas on this system. If you run out of disk space remove old object and executable files. Files can also be compressed. Core files older than one week are automatically deleted.

  • Please change your password immediately. If you forget your password see a lab instructor to have it fixed.

  • Files on this machine are backed up nightly. Even so, for your own safety, you should copy important files to a USB drive by using WinSCP on any PC in the student labs.

  • Help can be obtained from the on-line man command. (ex: man ls) You can also search for keywords. (ex: man -k file) You can also get help about the 'man' command by using: man man.

  • Periodically, news is posted by the system manager about changes to the system. Typically these are informational and don't affect your class work. When you first login if you see a line like:
    then there is news waiting to be read. To read it enter the command news | more.

  • The CS systems are documented in the WWW server,

  • If there is a problem with Hercules you can send mail to, or use the online Trouble Report form. Please specify an equipment description, machine name, symptoms, anything you tried to resolve the problem, etc. Be descriptive.

  • This account will only be maintained for semesters in which you are registered in CS classes.

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