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How to Protect Your Machine from Viruses

Sophos Antivirus Information

Your First Line of Protection

Your first line of defense is common sense - never open email attachments unless you are 100% positive it is a legitimate and harmless file. If you are not sure, a quick call or email to the sender could clear any doubts you may have. Once an infected file has been executed, your computer is infected and the results to your data could be disastrous and non reversible.

For the protection of the campus network, your computer and your data, it is extremely important that your computer has Sophos Antivirus (SAV) installed and is kept up to date. Please click HERE to learn about Sophos Antivirus, updating Sophos, and troubleshooting tips.

The University of Regina has licensed Sophos Antivirus for Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, and Mac OS 9 and OS X systems belonging to the University, home systems belonging to University of Regina employees, and systems belonging to students registered in the current semester of classes.

If there is no Sophos Antivirus icon in your tray by the clock, your system requires a complete program update. Please contact: for assistance.

Get Sophos for Your Home Computer

If you would like to download Sophos for home use, please check out the Computing Services download page HERE.

For home installation instructions, please click HERE.

For Sophos technical notes such as licensing information, configuring remote updates, and interrupting updates, please click HERE.
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