Trouble Reports


To report a problem with any Computer Science system or equipment you may enter the requested information below and submit it. Please do not send email to indviduals working in Computer Science; the email to trouble is a better route because the trouble system logs all incoming requests.
Check here to see if your problem has already been reported.

Click on any field to see a more verbose description and an example.

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Detailed Description:

Fields marked with an * are required

Field Descriptions

Only the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If you cannot determine certain information leave the field blank and submit the form. Keep in mind that the problem will be easier to track down and will be solved faster if all requested information is supplied and that information is accurate.

Click on the field description to return to the input form.

E-mail Address (Required) is an address where you can be contacted so you can be informed that the problem has been rectified or if more information is required. Note that the @your.domain is required, and that domain must be within

e.g.,, etc.

Your Name (Required) makes it easier to respond to you if you make a typo in your e-mail address.

Equipment Type (Required) should contain a description of the piece of equipment or software you are having problems with.

e.g. PC, Printer, Hercules, TeraTerm, etc.

Location (Required) should contain the room number where the equipment is located.

e.g. CL115, CL129.9, CL135.4, UDML Lab, etc.

ID # (Required) should contain the computer ID number. Usually this number is at the left on the front edge of the computer desk. The number is based on the room number, so for example the ID number of the 14th computer in CL115 would be 115-14.

Description (Subject) (Required) should contain a short one line description of the problem. The line will be the subject of the message sent off to trouble.

e.g. Can't find the 'any' key

Detailed Description should contain any additional information about the problem that could not be conveyed in the one line description.

e.g. I kind of spilled my soft drink on the keyboard. The smoke and sparks were really cool - but then the lights went out. When the power came back on, all the PC would say is "Keyboard failure - press any key to continue".

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