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Undergraduate Account Policies

Account policies are subject to change at any time.

Account Lifetime

Accounts on Hercules will be maintained until:

  • You have not registered in a CS class for two consecutive semesters. CS05x classes count and the spring/summer is considered one semester.
  • You abuse your account in such a way that it does or could interefere with those using the machine for classwork or with the proper functioning of the machine under any circumstances.

Disk Usage

Hercules has limited disk space and as such disk quotas are in place. The quota base is presently 100MB. Additional quota is provided based on the programming / disk usage requirements of the Computer Science courses that you are enrolled in for the current semester.

To check your disk quota and usage enter the command: quota -v

All undergrad accounts are checked daily to ensure that they have not exceeded their quota. If any account is found to be over quota the user is notified by e-mail. If the user does not react to this notice in a timely fashion, then the following actions are performed in sequence, as needed, to bring the account within quota:

  1. All dot files not needed for login, core files, compiler intermediate files, MS/Visual Studio executables, object files (.o and .obj), and default named executables (a.out) are deleted. All executables are stripped.

  2. All non-compressed files outside the public_html directory are compressed using gzip.

  3. The account is searched for the largest file, which is then deleted. The process repeats until the account is within quota.

At the end of every semester all undergrad quotas are reduced to the base quota. This could place your account over quota for the next semester if you are not enrolled in as many Computer Science courses. This can also happen if the courses you are enrolled in have a lower disk usage requirement.


Your email acount is attached to your account, which is the same account you use to log onto the computers in Windows labs and URCourses. Hercules used to provide an email account but that service has been discontinued. To learn more about your account go to:

To lean your username and password go here:

Follow the directions there and it will tell you your username and default password. If you've never changed your Hyperion password this will be your password to get in. Once you log in, it is highly suggested that you change your password to something else. Several account based services are only available to students who change their password.

The username given is also your email name. Your email address will be:

This is the address that you use for incoming and outgoing email.

Once you have your email account information, you can use the access it from anywhere online in two ways:


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