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Laboratory PC's & Printing

Using Lab PC's

To use a computer in University labs you need to logon using your University of Regina Username and password.
*** Note: If you already have a student email account, the username and password will be the same as you are currently using to access your email.

There are many PC's and printers in the Main Library for student use.

You can access your University of Regina account information by clicking on the following link: Look for the following menu options on the left of that screen:

  • Find your UserName and Password
  • Change Password
  • Lab Printing -> Computer Labs
To print to the printer in a CS lab, you must enable printing from your University account. To do that, follow the instructions presented by the Lab Printing -> Computer Labs menu option just indicated. Lab printers are provided by the Department of Computing Services.
If you have concerns, questions or problems, call the Help Desk at 585-4685, go to "Computing Service IT Support Center" on the main floor of the Archer Library, or email

Logging out of the PC's

Click on the button on the desktop OR click on the START BUTTON, then "Log off userid".
Logout!! DO NOT FORGET!!! Or you WILL be charged for someone else's printing.

  Notes to Hercules users using TeraTerm:

  • To print a file from your Hercules account to a PC printer, enter this command: TeraPrint filename
    This will send the file to whatever printer happens to be the default printer for the PC.
    • If you are at home, it will print on your home printer.
    • If you are in a lab (and have "enabled printing") it will print on a lab printer.

    Note that you must be using the TeraTerm© Telnet emulator. This is installed as standard software in the UofR labs. It is available for home use from

  • If you've had your Hercules account for a long while, and find that it is not working as well as it used to, it could be that the system has been upgraded and you no longer have the current configuration files.
    • Your prompt might be strange.
    • Some commands might not work.
    • The Backspace key might not function correctly at the Unix prompt.
    • The Backspace key might not function correctly in vi.

    A possible solution to a problem like this is to copy the default set of dot files back into your account. The command to do this is:

    To ensure that all of the newly copied dot files are executed, you should logout and then login again. If this does not fix up your problems, consult your lab instructor who may in turn consult the systems administrator.
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