Classes in the Current Semester (Fall 2018)

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Class Instructor Lab Materials
CS100: Introduction to Computers Munira Faysal Al-Ageili lab
CS110-001: Programming and Problem Solving Xue-Dong Yang lab
CS110-002: Programming and Problem Solving Bandar Mohammed lab
CS110-S*: Programming and Problem Solving Richard Dosselmann lab
CS115: Object-Oriented Design Mark Selinger lab
CS201: Introduction to Digital Systems David B. Gerhard lab
CS203: Java Programming and Applications TBD ---
CS207: Building Interactive Gadgets Trevor Tomesh lab
CS210: Data Structures and Abstractions Robert J. Hilderman lab
CS215-001: Web and Database Programming Orland Hoeber lab
CS215-002: Web and Database Programming TBD lab
CS261: Methods in Numerical Analysis TBD ---
CS310: Discrete Computational Structures Boting Yang ---
CS320: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Ket Wei Yong ---
CS330: Introduction to Operating Systems Ket Wei Yong lab
CS340: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design Maher Elshakankiri ---
CS350: Programming Language Concepts Munira Faysal Al-Ageili ---
CS372: Software Engineering Methodology Sergio Silva Ribeiro ---
CS375: Database and Information Retrieval Lisa Fan ---
CS405: Computer Graphics Xue Dong Yang ---
CS410: Inroduction to Compiler Design TBD ---
CS412: Algorithm Analysis Boting Yang ---
CS427: Introduction to Computer Audio Trevor Tomesh ---
CS428: Human Computer Communications Daryl H. Hepting ---
CS430: Advanced Topics in Operating Systems Robert J. Hilderman ---
CS455: Mobile Computing Orland Hoeber ---
CS475: Advanced Topics in Database Systems Cortney J. Butz ---
CS476: Software Development Project Samira Sadaoui ---
CS805: Computer Graphics Xue Dong Yang ---
CS827: Computer Audio Trevor Tomesh ---
CS828: Human Computer Communication Daryl H. Hepting ---
CS830: Machine Learning Sandra Zilles ---
CS831: Knowledge Discovery in Databases Lisa L. Fan ---
CS839: Web Intelligence & E-commerce Jingtao Yao ---
CS855: Mobile Computing Orland Hoeber ---
CS875: Database Systems Cortney J. Butz ---
CS890DO: Topics in Compiler Design Maher Elshakankiri ---
CS890EM: Topics in Algorithm Analysis Boting Yang ---

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