Classes in the Current Semester (Winter 2017)

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Class Instructor Lab Materials
CS100-001: Introduction to Computers Mark Selinger lab
CS100-S01: Introduction to Computers Richard Dosselmann lab
CS110-001: Programming and Problem Solving Jingtao Yao lab
CS110-002: Programming and Problem Solving David B. Gerhard lab
CS110-003: Programming and Problem Solving Cortney J. Butz lab
CS115: Object-Oriented Design Samira Sadaoui lab
CS201: Introduction to Digital Systems Sultan Ahmed lab
CS203: Java Programming and Applications Shubhashis Shil ---
CS205: Introduction to Multimedia Systems Daryl H. Hepting lab
CS207: Building Interactive Gadgets Trevor Tomesh lab
CS210: Data Structures and Abstractions Lisa Fan lab
CS215: Web and Database Programming Alain Maubert Crotte lab
CS280: Risk and Reward in the Information Society Daryl H. Hepting ---
CS301: Digital Systems Architecture David Gerhard lab
CS310: Discrete Computational Structures Boting Yang ---
CS315: Introduction to Computer Graphics Xue Dong Yang lab
CS330: Introduction to Operating Systems Robert J. Hilderman lab
CS335: Computer Networks Jingtao Yao ---
CS340: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design Robert J. Hilderman ---
CS350: Programming Language Concepts Munira Faysal Al-Ageili ---
CS372: Software Engineering Methodology Samira Sadaoui ---
CS408: Animation Software Design Stamatios Katsaganis ---
CS412: Algorithm Analysis Boting Yang ---
CS421: Advanced Artificial Intelligence Malek Mouhoub ---
CS455: Mobile Computing Orland Hoeber ---
CS475: Advanced Topics in Database Systems Yiyu Yao ---
CS820: Artificial Intelligence Malek Mouhoub ---
CS824: Informational Retrieval Yiyu Yao ---
CS855: Mobile Computing Orland Hoeber ---
CS890EM: Topics in Algorithm Analysis Boting Yang ---

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