Classes in the Current Semester (Spring/Summer 2018)

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Class Instructor Lab Materials
CS110: Programming and Problem Solving Mustakim Al Helal lab
CS115: Object-Oriented Design Sergio Silva Ribeiro lab
CS201: Introduction to Digital Systems Sultan Ahmed lab
CS210: Data Structures and Abstractions Richard Dosselmann lab
CS215: Web Oriented Programming Paulo Roberto Martins de Andrade lab
CS301: Digital Systems Architecture TBA lab
CS330: Introduction to Operating Systems Trevor Tomesh lab
CS335: Computer Networks Sultan Ahmed ---
CS435: Cryptography and Network Security Qian Yu ---
CS490BK: Server-side web applications Ket Wei Yong ---
CS490CO: Wireless Technologies Maher Elshakankiri ---
CS890BN: Cryptography and Data Security Qian Yu ---
CS890EP: Topics in Internet of Things & Wireless Sensor Networks Maher Elshakankiri ---
CS890EQ: Topics in Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Spatial Analysis and Geoprocessing Munira Faysal Al-Ageili ---

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