Sending E-Mail From a Web Page

We have installed a standard Web Form based E-Mail script on the CS Department Web Servers. Security provisions limit access to this script to Web pages located on a CS Department Web Server, and limit the E-mail addresses to those in the domain.

Users who wish to make use of this facility should contact the Webmaster for assistance and further information. Be sure to send your inquiry from an e-mail address in the domain.

If you choose to ignore this advice and provide your own e-mail script, take heed! Spammers regularly web crawl our sites looking for web pages that can send e-mail. Using meta-tags that stop robots, does not stop most of these web crawlers. The block is based on an honour system and spammers are not honourable people.

If you provide a form that allows a spammer to use our servers to spread their garbage, you will be held

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Sending E-Mail From a Web Page

accountable. At the very least, you will lose all web site privileges permanently. This policy will be applied to everyone, without exception! It has been applied in the past, and it will be applied in the future.

Note: This does not apply to "mailto:" tags in your html. Those do not use our web servers to send the e-mail. Instead, they use the web surfer's e-mail client to send an e-mail using the surfer's mail server.

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